Thanks / Hiatus

Thanks to all of you who have enjoyed The Seeso Seeshow. I’ve loved making it and hope you loved listening. If we ever start making new episodes, you can find them here, but if you’re curious, here are a couple other things I make:

I’m Too Effing High A show that tests the question, does marijuana make you funnier? Listen even week online and catch the live show once a month at UCB Franklin. Hosted by James Mastraieni.

The Long Shot Join comedians Sean Conroy, Jamie Flam, Amber Kenny, and Joe Wagner as they take a weekly look at their lives, discussing the struggles, misfortunes, and general terror of everyday life… Taking a page from Charlie Chaplin, proving once and for all, “life is a tragedy when seen in close up, but a comedy in long shot.”

Go Explore Parks An attempt to visit every National Park (and a few others along the way). Travels and photos by Andrew Steven and Rocky Strobel.

Thanks again,