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#72 Shink Commentary with Tim Baltz and Mary Holland

Tim Baltz and Mary Holland share stories about the making of Shrink, plus share commentary on the first episode, available on Seeso now.

#71 The Secret of ASSSSCAT with Horatio Sanz (Bonus Episode)

From SXSW, Horatio Sanz shares the secret of ASSSSCAT, the Upright Citizens Brigades longest running improv show.

#70 The Differences And Similarities Of Musicians And Comedians with Henry Phillips

Henry Phillips is a comedian first, but he’s made a career and turning moments in his life into things other than jokes… things like songs, movies, YouTube shows, and more.

#69 Calling It What It Is with Laurie Kilmartin

Laurie Kilmartin (Conan, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson) live tweeted her father’s final days in hospice in 2015 and crafted it into a ground-breaking comedy special. Thousands joined in celebrating Laurie’s dark humor including friends Conan O’Brien, Patton Oswalt and Andy Kindler.

#68 Modern Vaudeville with Ian Ambramson

Last year, Ian Abramson launched an absurdly great stand up show and web series, “7 Minutes in Purgatory,” that helped raise Ian’s notoriety. But this wasn’t his first unique take on comedy, and certainly won’t be his last.

#67 My Brother, My Brother and Me with The McElroy Brothers

This week, Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy join Andrew Steven to talk about how they turned their podcast, My Brother, My Brother and Me, into a TV show. Plus they give all sorts of great advice that you should definitely follow no matter what.

#66 Fancy Boy with Stuart Daulman, Greg Larsen, Jonathan Schuster, and Henry Stone

Fancy Boy is an Australian sketch comedy show described as “an itch that starts out small but quickly becomes a weeping sore and soon there’s not enough anti-fungal cream to go around”… so, you know… I think that pretty much sums it up.

#65 An Introduction To Blackadder

If you’ve never seen Blackadder, you’re missing out.

#64 The Harold

This week we take a look at the Harold — the longform improv structure developed by Del Close and made popular by the iO and UCB theaters.

#30 The Seeso Seeshow – Live From The Hollywood Improv (Rebroadcast)

Recorded Live at The Hollywood Improv, we gathered some of our favorite comedians, improvisers, and performers… this is what happened. Featuring: John Roy, Liquid Feet, Outside Dog, Sam Jay, Sean Conroy, and Zach Sherwin, hosted by Andrew Steven.